Dr. Jeffrey T. LeJeune

Professor and Head

Food Animal Health Research Program
110C, Food and Health Building
OARDC Wooster, OH 44691
Phone: (330)-263-3739
Email: lejeune.3@osu.edu

Biographical Information

  • DVM University of Prince Edward Island, Canada
  • PhD Washington State University, USA
  • Board Certification, American College of Veterinary Microbologists
  • Board Certification, American College of Veterinary Preventative Medicine

Research Area

Research in the LeJeune lab is primarily focused on understanding the ecological mechanisms and epidemiological patterns associated with the transmission of zoonotic bacteria between animal and human populations, with special emphasis on Shigatoxin producing E.coli (STEC) and antimicrobial resistant organisms. This work will lead to the discovery of strategies to prevent transmission of pathogens between reservoir species and water, wildlife, and edible crops.

Selected Publications


  1. Rodriguez-Palacios A, Ilic S, and LeJeune J (2014) Clostridium difficile with moxifloxacin/clindamycin resistance in vegetables in Ohio, USA, and prevalence meta-analysis. Journal of Pathogens.
  2. Fournier A, Young I, Rajic A, Greig J, and LeJeune J (2014) Social and economic aspects of the transmission of pathogenic bacteria between wildlife and food animals: A thematic analysis of published research knowledge. Zoonoses and Public Health.
  3. Greig J, Rajic A, YOung I, Mascarenhas M, Waddell L, LeJeune J (2014) A Scoping Review of the Role of Wildlife in the Transmission of Bacterial Pathogens and Antimicrobial Resistance to the Food Chain. Zoonosis and Public Health http://dx.doi.org/10.1111/zph.12147.
  4. Shenge K, Whong C, Yakubu L, Omolehin R, Erbaugh M, Miller S, and LeJeune J. (2014) Contamination of tomatoes with coliforms and Escherichia coli on farms and in markets of northwest Nigeria. J Food Protect (In Press).
  5. Swirski, A.L., Pearl, D.L., Williams, M.L., Homan HJ, Linz GM Cernicchiaro, N., LeJeune, J.T. (2014) Spatial Epidemiology of Escherichia coli 0157: H7 in Dairy Cattle in Relation to Night Roosts Of Sturnus vulgaris (European Starling) in Ohio, USA (2007-2009). Zoonoses and Public Health: 61 (6), pp.427-435.
  6. Franz E, Delaquis P, Morabito S, Beutin L, Gobius K, Rasko D, Bono J, French N, Osek J, Lindstedt B-A, Muniesa M, Manning S, LeJeune J, Callaway T, Beatson S, Eppinger M, Dallman T, Forbes K, Aarts H,. Pearl D, Gannon V, Laing C, Strachan N, (2014) Exploiting the explosion of information associated with whole genome sequencing to tackle Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli (STEC) in global food production systems, International Journal of Food Microbiology 187: 57-72.